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Owen Dale

UK Based Fully Licensed Saleperson . A uk based REALTOR 2006-2013 with Orlando Regional Realtor Association licensed with ERA and EXIT over the last few years , Now at long last I believe I have found the best company to be licensed with . The support and help given by other agents is fantastic. Advice and assistance is second to none and I have actually used the company myself before I decided to hang my license with them.  Thank you to each and every single Century agent that has taken time to help me over the years that I have been licensed.

Best regards

owen Dale

Educated in the UK to degree level , I specialised in Physiics and Computer Programming although it was a while ago I still try and keep up with the younger geeks but fail on so many levels..BUT i keep learning and trying to expand my current knowledge ,which i always share with as many people as possible. Together we learn better . 

I have 3 grown up children and 2 grand children which take up quite a bit of my free time .

My interests are Science Astronomy and i enjoy a game of chess to relax..